All of our brands are produced locally and ethically in small workshops in Europe. For us they represent, above all, the people behind them, with their unique and personal projects.


(Lyon, France)

Béatrice de Crécy and Jean-Gabriel Huez created Bonne Maison in 2012. Socks are their canvas to create their designs. Each collection tells a story, following a specific theme through various designs and prints, often inspired by art history. Their socks are made in France and woven from the highest quality Egyptian cotton using traditional Italian spinning techniques.


(Tolosa, Spain)

In its 160-year history, Boinas Elosegui has gone from being a small local artisan to dressing the heads of half the world. Born in 1858, this family-run business continues to produce its famous berets completely manually in its centennial factory in the town of Tolosa in the Basque Country, where machines from the first industrial reconversion coexist with 21st Century technology.


(Copenhagen, Denmark)


Tue Deleuran founded Colorful Standard in 2017, a brand that is based on the love of color and simplicity. A line of basics with clean pieces and with an eco-responsible approach. Covering all the shades of the rainbow and applying them to garments and accessories that are designed to last. Made in Portugal with 100% organic cotton and 100% Italian superfine merino wool.


(Biarritz, France)

Hemen, means "here" in Basque language. This genuine brand designs underwear with personality and strives to keep alive the traditions that surround Basque culture and its history. Sober but not basic, Hemen's range of underwear, with a nostalgic feel, is designed in the famous city of Biarritz using only organic cotton and without damaging our environment in the process.

la paz boo.jpg

(Porto, Portugal)

La Paz is a menswear brand inspired by the Atlantic, its people and its traditions. We stock it since their very first collection and we are particularly fond of it. Each collection continues to conquer us with its character and quality. They work in a direct relationship with some of the best local manufacturers, crossing their knowledge with a unique approach to the design and manufacture of durable and timeless goods.


(Mont Saint-Michel, France)

Founded in 1913, Le Mont Saint Michel is a brand with a long history. Initially known for its workwear, generation after generation, the firm has grown into a contemporary fashion brand, but in line with its legacy. With their headquarters still established in the same original location in French Brittany, where they meticulously store decades of textile archives. A treasure they revisit and inspires each collection.


(Porto, Portugal)

Created in the 1930s, Claus Porto has been manufacturing the Musgo Real line for almost 100 years and it has remained a classic found in many Portuguese houses for several generations. As in a time capsule, the brand retains its classic aesthetic, and its products have maintained the rich formula of its incredible soaps and colognes.


(Berlin Germany)

The company was originally founded in 1911 in the German Alps and operated for several decades before closing. In 2010, Peter Plotnicki discovered the factory full of authentic knitting machines from the 1920s to the 1960s, covered in dust, but completely intact. So he decided to revive these machines to make new, but traditionally made circular knitted fabrics, with good and sustainable materials, passion, heart and soul.

norse projects boo.jpg

(Copenhagen, Denmark)


Norse Projects collections have a recognizable Scandinavian flair: clean, basic and functional. The project, which is defined as a studio that develops projects around art, design and functionality, produces its garments in the best workshops in Europe (mainly in Italy and Portugal) always taking care of every detail and with great quality.


(Paris France)

Born in 2018, Outland is the youngest of our brands and one of our new favorites. A small personal project created by two old friends Jeff and Olivier, which mixes elements of sportswear with workwear codes to create a contemporary and timeless wardrobe. Made in highly qualified factories, in France and Portugal, with meticulous attention to detail and constant love for the tailoring process, that you instantly notice by trying on any of their garments.


(Porto, Portugal)

A long-standing family tradition of shirtmakers led the brothers António and Manuel Magalhães to create their own brand. Proud of the knowledge of Portuguese craftsmanship, their shirts are made following the tradition that is preserved in the towns of northern Portugal, by master craftsmen. Its inspiration also comes from the Portuguese tradition and its people.

steve mono.jpg

(Madrid, Spain)

Steve Mono is a contemporary spanish brand founded in 2007 on the idea of reinterpretating classic sandals, shoes, bags, and other small leather goods for a modern lifestyle. Crafted by artisans with the finest leather, the brand takes its inspiration from travel, culture and past decades aesthetics to design timeless, functional and sustainable leather goods for everyday and every journey.


(Normandy, France)

Saint James, born in 1889, has been a wardrobe staple for French fishermen and sailors for over a century. Their unique know-how and tradition, born on the looms of the Mont Saint Michel bay, allows them to continue to manufacture resistant and durable nautical garments, faithful to their origins. Their Breton striped t-shirts and jumpers are a timeless classic and a French national icon for generations.


(Mallorca, Spain)

Urdina means "blue" in Basque language, referring to the magnificence of this color and also to the origins of its founder, Alexandre Lizarbe. French, of Basque origin and living in Mallorca, created in 2019 this young brand that gets its inspiration from all the aspects of the island life and by a real lifestyle focussed on the protection of the sea. Their swimsuits are made with fabrics made from recycled bottles collected from the sea.


A selection of brands that are among the few left with a rich American manufacturing heritage that we decided to add to our selection.

pendleton boo.jpg

(Portland, Oregon, USA)

For over 150 years, Pendleton has been an aesthetic icon of the American style. After six generations of family management, the company remains dedicated to preserving its legacy of authenticity and craftsmanship from its looms in Oregon. Pendleton's passion for the quality of its pure virgin wool blankets, inspired by Native American designs and legends, has earned them international recognition and respect.

camber usa.png

(Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA)

This family business specializes in high-quality knitwear. Established in the same factory since 1948, Camber USA has the special machinery for the production of knitwear of an especially heavy weight, a quality difficult to find and that was initially used for the production of workwear and sportswear. Their sweatshirts are handcrafted in the USA and are incredibly wonderful, for us, the best in the world.

Captura de pantalla 2021-10-15 a la(s) 14.41.58.png

(Cincinnatti, Ohio, USA)

Founded in Cincinnatti, Ohio, in 1932, Velva Sheen began as a manufacturer of sweats, t-shirts and gym goods for colleges, schools and sports teams. Nowadays the brand belongs to a Japanese company, that purchased the brand with the intent to resurrect it and stay true to its heritage. In keeping with the tradition, everything is still "Made in the USA" upholding the quality and design of years past. The tubular-knit construction, a costly knitting process that results in a shirt with no side seams, and a comfort level and clean visual look that's unparalleled. Velva Sheen garments are designed with a thoughtful eye towards vintage style using the nicest cotton fabrics available.